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Unity Church of Delaware is collecting items and donations for the Homeless Families Foundation of Columbus during the month of February, 2018. For a list of items they are collecting, please click  here or see below. 



KITCHEN: Trash Can (new) Pots and Pans (new or gently used) Silverware (new or gently used) Can opener (new or gently used) Dishes, Bowls, Cups (new or gently used) Spatulas/ Utensils (new) Kitchen towel (new) Dishcloth (new) Dish Soap (new) SoS Pads (new) Sponges (new)

LINEN CLOSET: Towels (new) Washcloths (new) Soap (new) Blankets Twin or Larger (new or gently used) Pillows (new) Sheets (new or gently used)

BATHROOM: Toilet brush (new) Shower Curtain (new) Shower hooks (new or gently used) Toilet paper (new) Shampoo (new) Toothbrush (new) Toothpaste (new) Comb/brush (new) Deodorant (new)

CLEANING SUPPLIES: Bucket (new) Dust pan (new) Paper Towels (new) Spray Cleaner (new) Pinesol type cleaner (new) Mop (new) Broom (new) Plunger (new) Laundry Soap (new)


Please place donations in the bins in the back of the church sanctuary by Sunday, February 25, 2018. 




Additions to UCD Library



 Are you interested in reading more about Unity and New Thought? Thanks to a generous donation, we now have an expanded selection  of books you can browse in our lending library in the lobby. Select, study and share Unity and New Thought classics by authors such as Fillmore, Cady, Freeman, Ponder, Chopra, Williamson, Dyer, and many more!





Burning Bowl Article


Rev. Joanne Blum was featured in the Columbus Dispatch's" Faith and Values" section discussing the Burning Bowl Service that Unity Churches perform around New Years. According to Rev. Blum, the ritual enables people to move into the new year with greater freedom and greater ability to face the new year with open hearts and minds.You may view the article at: Burning Bowl.

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Earth Angels


Earth Angels is the environmental service group at UCD. To view the  flier for actions you can take,  click here.  See the UCD News page to view a flier that has tips on using less plastic. 

UCD Service Projects

UCD has begun several service projects to assist the community. Pass It On! helps local charities by collecting items their clients need.  To read more, click on the following link: UCD Service Projects.


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